Why you're doing New Years Resolutions all wrong

We all know that the early bird catches the worm, but what if said bird dedicates weeks of preparatory work and trial and error prior to catching real worms? Just imagine how efficient and successful said bird would be!

 Now imagine a bird that elects to execute worm catching (without practice) on a specific (future) date.

Show of hands, which bird is catching the juiciest worms?

 I’m going to tell you that you’ve been catching worms all wrong. Skill development takes training and long hours of dedicated practice. It’s a real commitment folks! I can’t imagine that a bird wakes up one day to decide “tomorrow I’m catching the biggest worm” without ANY preparation. If it was that easy, we’d see a whole lot of chunky feathered creatures strolling around.


Before I let this metaphor fly away without me, I have for you, my ULTIMATE TIP for new years resolutions. Brace yourselves for take off:


Be. The friggen. Early. Bird.


That’s right! Start your resolution early, start in December, start tomorrow! Give yourself a whole month to test out a new habit before you decide to permanently implement it. Taste it, feel it, smell it, savour it – understand why you want this worm (erhmm, resolution) so bad. Why is this habit so important to you? If this habit is important enough, why are you waiting till next year to start?! Mind = blown.


Let’s break it down: Almost every year since I was old enough to be self-conscious about my body, my new years resolutions have been “get fit”, “lose fat”, “lift a bazillion pounds”, “do the splits”, “look great in a sleek pair of jeans”, “be a super fast runner”, and so on! Like everyone I knew, I’d eat all the treats over the holidays because I knew that Jan 1st was the start date of my impressively (delusional) new life. Did it work? No. I learned pretty quickly that I am not a fan of running, I had nooooo idea how to lose fat safely (pre-naturopathic days), and I was STILL wearing my “big jeans”. Not only did I not accomplish these goals, but I was also pretty discouraged and gave up by February/March.

When I started practicing my health goals a few months prior to the new year, I found I was confident enough to continue them, because I already had the time to get frustrated, to fail, and to pick myself up again. I knew that if I wanted it bad enough, I would have to start early and stay consistent with it. Come January, I already had a health habit, and the turn of the calendar had no impact on my body or wellness goals.


Being the motivated birdy that you are, start your new years resolutions EARLY. If your goal is to hit the gym – start now. Why? Because you’ll have the space to learn and develop a routine that best suits you without being crowded by the “new year new me” folk. New habits require commitment. Give yourself time to struggle because you will, and time to get back up, because you will also. So get up, move around. This is your not-so-gentle-reminder that you are awesome and deserve the juiciest of worms! You can achieve it, and you WILL. Fly into 2019 like a winner! Go do it now, I’m cheering you on!  

Anousha usman